Top 10 Spiritual Questions Answered

In the video below, I interview Lincoln Gergar from  He is a spiritual teacher and has communicated with the Higher Self Consciousness since he was a child. Now he has over a thousand videos in which he channels the Higher Self consciousness to bring through transformational teachings and meditations.

When I wrote the questions for the Top 10 Spiritual Questions Answered interview, I invited several channelers to answer them, however, because of the challenging nature of these questions, only Lincoln felt comfortable answering them. I asked Lincoln whether he preferred for me to simplify the questions and he answered that he didn’t feel overwhelmed but excited about it, and that he would answer them in the way I would choose: by email, phone or video interview!

I want to thank Lincoln for his availability and true teachings.  Victoria Vives Khuong


Top 10 Spiritual Questions Answered

Question 1 – What is the purpose of Life?

Question 2 – What is Love?

Question 3 – What is God?

Question 4 – What happens after death?

Question 5 – What is your vision about 2012?

Question 6 – What is evil?

Question 7 – Do other beings exist, such as Angels or beings from another planets?

Question 8 – What is the secret to happiness?

Question 9 – How did the Universe begin?

Question 10 – What is the Soul?

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