Sound Healing and The Chakras

Sound Healing

Sound Healing


- Saturday, February 11th, 5:00 PM >> RSVP

Something as accessible as your own voice has the potential to heal!

There are simple yet powerful ways to use your voice that can transform your life.

In this get-together you will learn and practice:

- Specific sounds that balance each of your chakras
- Chanting and toning for Energy Healing
- Chanting in Shamanism
- The physics behind Sound Healing
- Ancient Mantras and Mudras for Inner Peace
- Give and receive Sound Healing

Join us for this unique opportunity and experience the transformational power of a Sound Healing circle! If you have a Tibetan bowl, drum, or any other instrument feel free to bring it as well, or you can borrow one here.

- Saturday, February 11th, 5:00 PM >> RSVP

Suggested donation $20. This suggestion helps you identify the value of the event, but everyone is welcome despite financial situation.

If you’d like to donate online:

Exact location will be given to the attendees. For questions contact me at . Also, feel free to contact me if you’d like to attend but the date/time doesn’t work for you.


“I am absolutely grateful and happy that I went to this meetup. Though I had heard of “sound healing” I didn’t know exactly what it was. We opened & closed with a meditation, did a lot of specific sound chants while learning the meanings and corresponding chakras, and gave positive intentions and healings to ourselves and others in the group. I really really loved it and it was SO healing!!! I will continue to practice. I never realized sound healing could be so relaxing and healing.” – Stephanie

“This was an eye opening experience to say the least. The sound healing class was energizing yet balancing. Victoria has a special gift to teach using all the senses and blending knowledge with skills and practical application. A really great class!” – Alicia

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