Becoming a REIKI Practitioner

I have a jar with questions written on folded papers. I take one paper before the session and hold it in my hands during the channeling without knowing what it is written. This is my way to ask for proof from Higher Self so that I know that this channeling is real. Once I finished the channeling I opened the folded paper and it asked about becoming a REIKI Practitioner.

“Light is the essence in the path that you are taking.
It may seem as if you have always known what you are getting ready for right now, feeling thirsty for this light.
Feel it as the rain that you awaited for so long.
Feel this blessing.
It has been always there.
You just need to open the door.
Lovely Being of Light, immerse yourself with no limitation.
All is good always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self

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