A Message From Earth

“Remember the sound of old trains far in the distance; approaching you, generating excitement, helping you to know that something is about to start, helping you to know that soon everything around will be different, knowing that you had engaged in this change by choice.

You planned, you bought your ticket, and now, somehow you know, you’re eager with expectation, going to a place where you wanted to be. Have you had that experience? Have you experienced the anticipation? Setting up this new discovery, this new adventure.

Well, so you are about to engage in a much more exciting adventure, something unlimited, something outstanding, just by your choice, by your planning, by your knowing. Once you take the first step… the path has started. You can go fast, you can go slow, but you are going.

So trust and know and believe that there is something new evolving inside you and around you. You can focus on this, you can make it the predominant sound and note and tune, vibration, frequency in your life.

It will always be there, but you can make it bloom above of all the rest. You can be that new you that you wish to be, that you wish for. Your best most joyful most inspiring most fulfilled expression of your now, of your constant present, fully present.

Remember and recreate that anticipation. You can add this energy, you can add this excitement, you can make grow this frequency, this vibration this powerful feeling that will carry over any separation from where you want to be, that will transform any obstacle into help, any enemy into a friend, all with the same purpose. Can you see how beautiful this can be? Just by your knowing. You don’t need to wait for a probable future. You can choose THAT now. You can know it, you can express it, you can be it. There is no need to wait for the future. Be it now. Act from knowing that you are together in this. There are no enemies, there are no different intentions at the level of connection that you are about to achieve. There are different expressions, different perspectives, different interpretations, but all from the same intention, all from the same unity.

So go for your day with this light around you, enhancing others, reflecting to others, radiating to others, with your joy, your happiness, your light, your knowing, your eagerness, your anticipation. You can awaken this excitement in them, and then perhaps another day, they will do that back to you. You can start this wave of conscious joy, of consciousness and happiness. You can truly reach, cover the whole world. How powerful you can be! You truly inspire me, so go ahead lovely being and inspire the whole world.

All is good, always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self

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