Simple Tools for Living Well™ – Manifesting Success

This month do something different every day.

We naturally create change all the time. Change is much more enjoyable when we demonstrate to ourselves and to the World of Energy, that we are willing to change, and that we are even good at it! If we practice daily small changes, the big changes in life will be much easier.  And as we clear out the old information, we expand the possibilities for the new experiences we desire. It is sort of like “priming the pump.” Instead of waiting until a situation is so painful that we are forced to make changes, why not be the one making the choices for change and growth. Let’s start practicing change now!

Here are some suggestions for a Willingness to Change Demonstration:

1. Change your environment by thoroughly cleaning a room, the yard, your car, your garage, a drawer, etc.
2. Rearrange your environment. Use some Feng Shui. See: Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, by Karen Rauch Carter.
3. Spend a few minutes a day learning a new skill.
4. Change a letter or two of your handwriting. See: Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life, by Vimala Rodgers.
5. Shift the order of your daily routine.
6. Try wearing a new color.
7. Use your non-dominant hand for some tasks.
8. Go somewhere new. Say hello to someone new.
9. Travel a different route to work.
10. Commit to 30 days of not complaining – no criticism, no gossip.
11. Commit to 30 days of not telling your story of hardships.
12. Move your body in a new way for 10 minutes a day.
13. Or something else __________________________

Wake up with the morning breeze and ask for a change.  

Open and fill yourself with the wine that is your life.




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