When Something Is Not Fair

The images that are coming before your eyes, the images that this world is presenting to you are not outside of what you are. The experiences, the feelings, the emotions that you are discovering in this journey are the expression of your inner essence.

So can you see how, when something disturbs you, the experience is not out there but very deep inside you? It is within you. The outside is just a reflection where you can look, where you can appreciate each detail of who you are, where you can do as you do when in front of your mirror. You look at your hair, you put every lock in place, to convert it, to transform it in a way that pleases you, in a way in which you feel that you are expressing your Self in harmony with what you wish to be.

So there is no need, there is no point, there is no worth in fighting this external reflection, this mirror. You can instead see the reflection as a door, as an opportunity out of this feeling, out of this perception, out of this state of being that you don’t wish for yourself, that you don’t want to be a part of you.

If you fight it, you might find a response, a solution for the moment, or you will find more frustration, you will go further and further in that direction that you know you don’t want for yourself, you will be putting more details, more information, more energy, more hours, minutes, history, more of who you are in this pocket of life that you say is not what you wish.

So, when this happens, go back to your center, breathe deeply, think only of the now, the present, if you were just born, right now, what would be what you would do. You are right here, just born, you have these things that you own, this situations you are in. So right now, from here, what would be your wish, how would you start your life right now? Would you come into this life and go investigate the things you don’t want? Or would you come into this life and see the things that you wish to experience with eagerness, with avid desire?

Listen to your heart and find the answers, for you very well know that your time, your now, is meant to be in joy. If you desire things that others posses, if you haven’t found an answer, a door, a passage to those things yet, it is not because you don’t have access, but it is because your attention has been in other places, because it can easily be distracted with the things that are in opposite direction.

If you put every moment, every thought, every inch of your will in getting to the place you want to be, this access will be granted nearly instantly, you will start experiencing this feeling of accomplishment as you move along your journey, along your path, each step will bring you all this bliss, all this excitement, all of this inspiration, knowing that you are getting closer and closer, that you can breathe this accomplishment as if it is yours already, because it is the path and it can only takes you to what you want, if that is your intention and your attention.

So detach from anything and everything that doesn’t match what you want to be. Let it go. Put your focus, energy, attention, intention in the things that you know you want for yourself, that you want to offer to others, that you want to be seen as in this world, that you want others to enjoy from you. Be you, really you, the essence of who you are.

So yes, there are things that are not as you want, and this is part of the learning, it is part of the process in which you assert who you are. Underneath and above all there is you, there is your heart, your essence, your seed for becoming the wondrous, the magnificent, the powerful being that you already are and bring it through into this physical world to express it, gloriously, fully, completely, in joy, in awe… So make it happen, under your own terms, under your free will.

All is good always. Blessings.

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