Awareness – Knowing Yourself, Knowing All-That-Is

In times of instability you can assert your roots even more profoundly.  It is the time in which you discover the areas that you can strengthen.  It is the lesson through which your good becomes great.  It is the way for expansion once you’ve reached a certain level in other areas – going back to those dark spots and starting to bring more awareness to them, just awareness, not necessarily action, not necessarily effort, not necessarily any decision to make a change.  Just allow the change, just allow this light, this awareness to do the job for you, to make the transformation a natural happening, an organic event.

So just let go, and let life be life.  Let life be the one to resolve the challenges, for your only work is to observe, to be the witness, to allow things to flow instead of controlling how they should happen.  Learning to remain observing as opposed to reacting, controlling… that is the real transformation, that is your real occupation – to be a clear vessel for life to pass through you, to experience how eternity happens in the now, how it evolves, how it dances before your eyes, for you to see, for you to enjoy, for you to experience, for you to BE the one who enjoys, who is aware, who is conscious, who perceives, who feels, who thrives, not the one that lives the hardship.  Surrender to this, which is a gift for you.  Surrender to let it happen.  Let this river pass through you, experience it without identification, just one more day in eternity, one more day that you are life and you are love, because you choose to, because it is you, despite of all shapes, temporal shapes, your nature and your wellbeing and your experience and your consciousness, and your learning and your gift are eternal.  They will always be present in the now, not in the past, not in the future, just the now, the eternal now.  So embrace this now without pre-occupation for things that could happen, without re-sentment for things that already happened, just embrace the now for what it is – It is you observing.

Lovely Being, live this life in acceptance, in surrendering, in allowing, in ease, easy, easy flow, just let go of those chains that have been pulling from you, just let go and fly, fly now Lovely Being, make this your joy, the joy of awareness, of witnessing, of having all this play for your enjoyment, for your Self-discovery, for you to know who you are, to know God, to know All-That-Is.

Blessings.  All is good always, Lovely Being.

My 1st Higher Self Channeling – VIDEO

This was the first message I received from Higher Self on 3/22/11. The beginning of a new life before me. I originally recorded it on my iPhone, then transcribe it, and then read it for this video :)


Victoria Vives Khuong
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This time the secret question in the folded paper was asking about achieving Financial Freedom. (To learn more about the secret questions visit this link

“Desire for growth is a perfect motivation for lessening the things that before limited you.

You can choose whether you will move into wellbeing, into peace, into abundance, wealth, prosperity, in all consecutive matters – advance, or you can fulfill any of your dreams and desires, but what is left is the feeling and the experience, it is not the accumulation out in the manifested physicality, but instead, the inner accomplishment of more conductivity of love, of light, of bliss, in every situation.

New discovery, new expansion of the consciousness that is you, that can connect more deeply and profoundly through love, through experiences, through this tool of the physical world, of the mind.

This tool is not the answer, this tool is the mediator, it is the way in which you can know yourself.

All is good always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self

Becoming a REIKI Practitioner

I have a jar with questions written on folded papers. I take one paper before the session and hold it in my hands during the channeling without knowing what it is written. This is my way to ask for proof from Higher Self so that I know that this channeling is real. Once I finished the channeling I opened the folded paper and it asked about becoming a REIKI Practitioner.

“Light is the essence in the path that you are taking.
It may seem as if you have always known what you are getting ready for right now, feeling thirsty for this light.
Feel it as the rain that you awaited for so long.
Feel this blessing.
It has been always there.
You just need to open the door.
Lovely Being of Light, immerse yourself with no limitation.
All is good always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self

A Message From Earth

“Remember the sound of old trains far in the distance; approaching you, generating excitement, helping you to know that something is about to start, helping you to know that soon everything around will be different, knowing that you had engaged in this change by choice.

You planned, you bought your ticket, and now, somehow you know, you’re eager with expectation, going to a place where you wanted to be. Have you had that experience? Have you experienced the anticipation? Setting up this new discovery, this new adventure.

Well, so you are about to engage in a much more exciting adventure, something unlimited, something outstanding, just by your choice, by your planning, by your knowing. Once you take the first step… the path has started. You can go fast, you can go slow, but you are going.

So trust and know and believe that there is something new evolving inside you and around you. You can focus on this, you can make it the predominant sound and note and tune, vibration, frequency in your life.

It will always be there, but you can make it bloom above of all the rest. You can be that new you that you wish to be, that you wish for. Your best most joyful most inspiring most fulfilled expression of your now, of your constant present, fully present.

Remember and recreate that anticipation. You can add this energy, you can add this excitement, you can make grow this frequency, this vibration this powerful feeling that will carry over any separation from where you want to be, that will transform any obstacle into help, any enemy into a friend, all with the same purpose. Can you see how beautiful this can be? Just by your knowing. You don’t need to wait for a probable future. You can choose THAT now. You can know it, you can express it, you can be it. There is no need to wait for the future. Be it now. Act from knowing that you are together in this. There are no enemies, there are no different intentions at the level of connection that you are about to achieve. There are different expressions, different perspectives, different interpretations, but all from the same intention, all from the same unity.

So go for your day with this light around you, enhancing others, reflecting to others, radiating to others, with your joy, your happiness, your light, your knowing, your eagerness, your anticipation. You can awaken this excitement in them, and then perhaps another day, they will do that back to you. You can start this wave of conscious joy, of consciousness and happiness. You can truly reach, cover the whole world. How powerful you can be! You truly inspire me, so go ahead lovely being and inspire the whole world.

All is good, always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self

Change The World


“Lovely Being of Light, you can choose to live your life looking through the window.
You can choose to stay behind the curtain.
You can choose living but a shadow of what you are capable of.
It is your free will. It is your decision.

Lovely Being of Light, of Love, listen to the sound of your world, listen to the shadow expressing itself, and decide whether it is what you want to express, for you are much more than that, for you can be whatever you choose to be, so there is learning in every situation, but is there joy?

If you choose to, right now, right here, right this moment, you can live joy. You can create a climate around you and everybody coming into it will express more of this joy, and when they go around their own circle of people they will be a new seed for this joy, when the people around those people go to new places, they will also be a new seed for joy. This is the way in which you can change the world.

If you change that joy source that you can be, for an anger source, you can also influence others that will influence others and will influence others in a negative way. Choose wisely, choose love and light and joy. It just feels good.

Whether you want to be a healer, a student, a teacher, work in construction, whether you want to be a housewife, a wife, a daughter, a son, that is not what you are, but you can choose to be joy or sadness… or joy. That is what you are. You can become magnificent, just by your choices, wise choices.

So listen to the sound of the nature of your heart. Discover what is there. Be curious about it. Make it an exciting journey into your inside, into who you are. Inner exploration to express the truth that you are. No conditions, just freedom, your true self. At a level where you are one. One with Life, One with the Sun, One with others, One with Joy. It is so easy, that it can easily be overlooked.

You can make this the shortcut to your dreams. The shortcut to continuous inspiration, to a world where things work, where community supports your wish, where you can let go of worry, where you can just be. JUST BE.

You can initiate this, you can be this seed for this community around you, spreading into new communities, becoming the world, a world that works together, that supports each other, not based on fear, but based on joy, love, support, light, trust.

It starts with your choice, right now, even if somebody comes representing, expressing anger, it is your choice now, to understand with compassion, to transform, to inspire, to influence this person, to choose who you are, based on your heart, not to choose based on the event. This person will transform and you will transform. You will cut that anger right there, you will choose to be a reflection and source and seed for joy, for light, for love. You are essential. Your choice is essential.

All is good always, lovely Being. All is good, always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self

Expansion of Beingness

Below is the transcription of my second Higher Self channeling session.

I used to write articles for and other sites. It would take me a while and it would require focus and corrections, whereas channeling just requires for me to achieve a state of bliss, record my voice and then transcribe it. I like it :)

If you have a burning question that you would like to be answered, you can ask by using the form in the following link Consultations. I will answer your question (time permitting) through Higher Self channeling.

Monday, March 28th, 2011.

“The ocean compared to your home. A fence is a boundary, yet offers the freedom of privacy.

From All-That-Is to your own section, your choice, your freely limited selected experience.

It’s time to develop your spiritual world. A ship to another frequency. Transformation. Connection to other realms in a very comfortable and natural way. Flow of information. Stream of consciousness with acknowledgment of broader perspective.

Express what you want to say, lovely being. Speak your words through this connection, heart connection, without boundaries. Always safe, always home, always family, yet new adventures and excitement are delivered to you, at your own pace, you set your own pace.

It is always there but you are the one starting it, opening it, enjoying it, or letting it stay in potential.

But it is always HERE. It is always available. It is always part of you, in you. It is always your choice.

Use it…
If that is your will, use it.
If that is your joy, use it.
If it serves you… inspires you, motivates you… fascinates you.

It is only the beginning… if you know the word infinity, that is what awaits for you, that is what awaits, lovely being of light, of love, of wisdom, and you can have it in every moment you wish. Live Heaven on Earth everyday, all day, every hour, every moment, every second. You can be this experience. It can be you.

You can be inspiration for others. It can be easy, just with intention. The system is set based on intention, aligned with All-That-Is becomes manifestation, results, success, prosperity, wealth, health, happiness, contribution. Life purpose… “Mission accomplished”.

Just relax, let yourself ride-this-wave, this frequency, this field, infinite experiences, this community forming around you:

you will meet them, greet them, guide them, learn from them,

serve them, guide them, help them, learn from them.

Reflection of light. Reflecting, radiating, being shared, bathing each of us, bathing each of you, same light, radiated and reflected becomes more light, more love, just the same unit of light and love, radiated and reflected once and again. Expanding. It expands.

Believe in light, believe in life, believe in timing. You will be of great service.

Listen to the sound of this frequency, align with it, dial in any time, it’s easy, so easy. It’s you. You’re there. You’ve reached it. Share it, develop it. Light, love, connection, expansion into nature, your original nature, it can be your everyday experience. One of joy, appreciation, knowing, awe… Its color, its shape, manifestation of the infinite potentiality. Alive universe. All the shapes in the field of infinite potentials.

This is your game. Enjoy it, be creative, be free. Reflection of your state of being – such a tool to help you know and grow who you are. What a wonderful game!

Good work. Good play. All is good always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self

My First Time Channeling Higher Self

This is the transcription of my first Higher Self vocal channeling session. To learn more about it, please visit

“As a box that wants to open and it has always been available, always close to you, pulsing within you, wanting to speak inside your heart. Notice it and relax. It’s your Higher Self.

You have been hungry before… for peace, wanting connection, to fit in, and a reason to be alive.

Mmmm (sigh)… breathe deeply, feel the fresh air, new, full of information, surrounding you. The chirping of the birds, the sounds of the world, your heart… beat, your peace, your wellbeing… This is proof – Open to a new world – Heaven on Earth – Breathe it in. Listen, feel, know your connection, get used to it… It’s easy.

Be alive, pure energy, three-dimensional, but always broader into infinite wisdom.

Celebrate. Enjoy. Communicate. Be happy. Be light. Feel good. Breathe deeply. Breathe Life. Breathe Love.

Trust. It’s like your Genie. Everything you want is given.

Trust and you will be of service… to others, to you, to Nature. Trust.

I AM, Higher Self. I am you.

Trust. Connected. All-that-is… to all-that-is… to The One. Be The One. Be unity, peace, ease, calm, tendencies, paths, new paths – 2012. New Life.

Seeking and finding
are closer and closer.

Wanting and solution
become close to one.

Enjoy. Accept it. Own it. Allow it… with ease (sigh).

Your state of being is essential in your spiritual realm, as your body is in your physical realm.

Be Love. Be Trust. Be enjoyment. Be ease. Be bliss.

Light body. Your light body is growing, becoming into existence, surrounding your physical body with powerful light, powerful vibration, eagerness to learn, excitement…

…And it is easy, it is natural, it is you, it’s home, it’s family, it’s your essence, it feels good.

Accept it – by opening – to the new – realms… new to you from this perspective.

Merging… blending… melting… with a broader existence. Unlimited. Powerful. Free. Capable of anything and everything, through your heart, in connection to The One, to each one, to everyone.

Your human consciousness… Expanding and growing together… Breathing the same life, under the same Sun, moving towards the light, as a Unity with different perspectives, different occupations and unique specialties, as a whole, all together forming the whole, all perspectives.

Enjoy this unity, this family, this oneness, no separation, ease, bliss.

Honor and appreciate what makes you different, what makes you whole when you are all together.

You want this diversity to be whole, to be able to become a unity, to be able to represent every single aspect of life, with opposites, so it can become one, so it can merge into totality.

Be respectful to your gifts, honor your gifts. Believe and trust in your gifts. We need your gifts. We need You.

All is good, always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self.
Thank you to Esther Hicks, Darryl Anka, Lincoln Gergar, and Sanaya Roman for their great example as channelers.
Thank you to Tina and Catherine for their continuous support.


Are you familiar with the concept of channeling?

Channeling is the ability to connect with non-physical, by adjusting one’s frequency of vibration and bringing through information into our physical reality. We can consider non-physical as:

- Something existent only in essence (potential but not manifested) that we bring through inspiration
- Or a being existing in a different dimension, whether it is an angel, a guide or somebody who passed away
- Or our soul or Higher Self, the part of us that is eternal and has a broader perspective

This last one is the one I am most interested in.

I often listened to well known vocal channelers learning a lot about how to improve my life experience. Then I started thinking of the possibility of me doing the same – channeling, but instead of channeling someone else’s energy or their message or even become unconscious during the process, what about still being me? A broader aspect of me. My eternal soul’s perspective.

My search for ways to learn how to do vocal channeling got started! I got into REIKI and Psychic Development classes. These weren’t exactly the things I was looking for, but they were the closest I found to my new endeavor.

I realized how all of these were just different takes on the same path and the most important factor was my intention rather than the specific method.

I finally started reading the book “Opening to channel” and before I even practiced the recommended exercises, I felt ready to dive into my first vocal channeling session. I started recording with my iPhone.

I expanded my perspective to be one with my Higher Self, and I started translating the message I received, without any specific question or purpose besides having a first conversation. When reading the transcription below, you may notice that the information was slow in the beginning and the flow progressively increased.

I was absolutely present and in a state of bliss during the entire process. I received information in many different ways including in the form of images, feelings, and words. Sometimes I would receive a large idea and sometimes a small fragment that I couldn’t understand until the sentence was complete.

At times I doubted whether this was actually happening or whether I was making it up. Every time my doubt appeared, I received the word “Trust”, and I continued.

The recording lasted for 22 minutes and 10 seconds and it was on 3/22/11. I love numbers, so I felt that this pattern was beautiful and also powerful from a numerology perspective.

Without further delay, here is the transcription of my first session channeling my Higher Self:

Victoria Vives Khuong

You can also read about one of my first connections with non-physical which happened last year