Awaken the Higher Self Within– Lincoln Gergar (Channel Higher Self)


Lincoln will be visiting Los Angeles for his first workshop course, to teach people how to awaken the Higher Self Consciousness within!

Sunday May 15th, 2011 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Heaven on Earth center – Los Angeles (West Covina), California
All times are local: Pacific Standard Time (PST)

After more than 3 1/2 years and over 1,000 online videos, Lincoln Gergar have created his first workshop course to teach people how to awaken the Higher Self Consciousness within.  As the internet’s most popular Higher Self spiritual teacher, I am confident in the effectiveness of this course and the results that it will bring you.

In this full day, 7 hour course you will learn how to safely and effectively communicate with and embody more fully your Higher Self Consciousness.  The 1-day course will break-down the entire process of Higher Self channeling and embodiment in a simple to understand and easy to practice way that will greatly accelerate your spiritual growth.  Ultimately every person desires to know who they are and directly experience their eternal Self.  This course will help you to fulfill your desire for true, lasting inner happiness and Divine Love.

Course Break-down

In the morning we will begin by gaining an accurate understanding of what the Higher Self Consciousness is, where it is located, and how to recognize when we are experiencing it.  By first having a solid and proper foundation of knowledge, all of our efforts to gain the Higher Self experience will be more effective and less prone to error.

The morning activities will include:

  • informative lectures to bring you a more accurate and in-depth understanding of the Higher Self Consciousness
  • question and answer periods to ensure that every participant is clear and confident in their understanding every step of the way
  • live Higher Self channelings by myself that allow the Higher Self Consciousness to directly speak to you
  • Higher Self-guided group meditations to align the entire class to harmonious frequencies that will support deeper spiritual experiences and Higher Self connection.

All of these morning exercises will prepare your human energy system (mind, body, emotions) for a deeper Higher Self connection.   The course is designed to work on all levels of your being – to first remove the confusion and doubt and then to empower you with accurate knowledge and transformational energies.  The focus of this workshop is to get you to have a firmly established Higher Self connection.  The morning will set the foundation for deeper insight, meditation, energy work and Higher Self connection.

The afternoon’s activities will focus on personal exercises and group exercises to help each participant establish their own connection to the Higher Self Within.   Individual instructions and personal support will be offered as we all work together reach this Higher Self Consciousness state of being.  Afternoon activities will include:

  • specific instruction for the process to create and maintain your connection to the Higher Self Consciousness
  • guided meditations that will lead you to more easily create this connection within yourself
  • individual exercises that will build your connection to the Higher Self Within
  • group sharing to build confidence and offer support
  • question and answer sessions to clarify what we are experience and what we should experience as we connect more deeply to the Higher Self Within
  • take home exercises to help you continue to build your connection to the Higher Self Within
  • guidance from myself about the experiences and spiritual development that develops as a result of working with the Higher Self Consciousness over a lifetime

The entire Awakening the Higher Self Within workshop has been designed to support you on your spiritual journey of Higher Self discovery.  This course has been created from the ground up by Lincoln and the Higher Self Consciousness to allow you to more effectively reach your goals of spiritual transformation, spiritual awakening and ultimately full spiritual enlightenment.

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