This time the secret question in the folded paper was asking about achieving Financial Freedom. (To learn more about the secret questions visit this link http://higherselfcommunity.com/reiki-practitioner)

“Desire for growth is a perfect motivation for lessening the things that before limited you.

You can choose whether you will move into wellbeing, into peace, into abundance, wealth, prosperity, in all consecutive matters – advance, or you can fulfill any of your dreams and desires, but what is left is the feeling and the experience, it is not the accumulation out in the manifested physicality, but instead, the inner accomplishment of more conductivity of love, of light, of bliss, in every situation.

New discovery, new expansion of the consciousness that is you, that can connect more deeply and profoundly through love, through experiences, through this tool of the physical world, of the mind.

This tool is not the answer, this tool is the mediator, it is the way in which you can know yourself.

All is good always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self

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