Expansion of Beingness

Below is the transcription of my second Higher Self channeling session.

I used to write articles for www.VictoriaVives.com and other sites. It would take me a while and it would require focus and corrections, whereas channeling just requires for me to achieve a state of bliss, record my voice and then transcribe it. I like it :)

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Monday, March 28th, 2011.

“The ocean compared to your home. A fence is a boundary, yet offers the freedom of privacy.

From All-That-Is to your own section, your choice, your freely limited selected experience.

It’s time to develop your spiritual world. A ship to another frequency. Transformation. Connection to other realms in a very comfortable and natural way. Flow of information. Stream of consciousness with acknowledgment of broader perspective.

Express what you want to say, lovely being. Speak your words through this connection, heart connection, without boundaries. Always safe, always home, always family, yet new adventures and excitement are delivered to you, at your own pace, you set your own pace.

It is always there but you are the one starting it, opening it, enjoying it, or letting it stay in potential.

But it is always HERE. It is always available. It is always part of you, in you. It is always your choice.

Use it…
If that is your will, use it.
If that is your joy, use it.
If it serves you… inspires you, motivates you… fascinates you.

It is only the beginning… if you know the word infinity, that is what awaits for you, that is what awaits, lovely being of light, of love, of wisdom, and you can have it in every moment you wish. Live Heaven on Earth everyday, all day, every hour, every moment, every second. You can be this experience. It can be you.

You can be inspiration for others. It can be easy, just with intention. The system is set based on intention, aligned with All-That-Is becomes manifestation, results, success, prosperity, wealth, health, happiness, contribution. Life purpose… “Mission accomplished”.

Just relax, let yourself ride-this-wave, this frequency, this field, infinite experiences, this community forming around you:

you will meet them, greet them, guide them, learn from them,

serve them, guide them, help them, learn from them.

Reflection of light. Reflecting, radiating, being shared, bathing each of us, bathing each of you, same light, radiated and reflected becomes more light, more love, just the same unit of light and love, radiated and reflected once and again. Expanding. It expands.

Believe in light, believe in life, believe in timing. You will be of great service.

Listen to the sound of this frequency, align with it, dial in any time, it’s easy, so easy. It’s you. You’re there. You’ve reached it. Share it, develop it. Light, love, connection, expansion into nature, your original nature, it can be your everyday experience. One of joy, appreciation, knowing, awe… Its color, its shape, manifestation of the infinite potentiality. Alive universe. All the shapes in the field of infinite potentials.

This is your game. Enjoy it, be creative, be free. Reflection of your state of being – such a tool to help you know and grow who you are. What a wonderful game!

Good work. Good play. All is good always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self

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