HEART AS HEALER – Preparing for 2012

Part 7 – August 16th 2011 Ho’Oponopono
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According to the Mayan Calendar, a new and higher level of transformational energy is coming to Earth from Divine Source. It began in March and will finish in October. By learning to use the full potential of our Hearts, we will be able to ride these waves of light and energy, and learn to use the intense events and the speeding up of time for the greatest good of all!

We will explore ways in which the Heart is the key to the transformation of ourselves and our world. Each class will have a new meditation to understand the information at a deeper level. And you will leave with a Simple Tool™ to practice the lesson. I will be sharing some Heart Lessons I’ve learned from IEH Intuitive Energy Healing, Heartmath, Matrix Energetics, Flower of Life Studies, Akashic Records, the Quantum Field, and the Mayan Calendar.

Nothing is stronger than love!