My First Time Channeling Higher Self

This is the transcription of my first Higher Self vocal channeling session. To learn more about it, please visit

“As a box that wants to open and it has always been available, always close to you, pulsing within you, wanting to speak inside your heart. Notice it and relax. It’s your Higher Self.

You have been hungry before… for peace, wanting connection, to fit in, and a reason to be alive.

Mmmm (sigh)… breathe deeply, feel the fresh air, new, full of information, surrounding you. The chirping of the birds, the sounds of the world, your heart… beat, your peace, your wellbeing… This is proof – Open to a new world – Heaven on Earth – Breathe it in. Listen, feel, know your connection, get used to it… It’s easy.

Be alive, pure energy, three-dimensional, but always broader into infinite wisdom.

Celebrate. Enjoy. Communicate. Be happy. Be light. Feel good. Breathe deeply. Breathe Life. Breathe Love.

Trust. It’s like your Genie. Everything you want is given.

Trust and you will be of service… to others, to you, to Nature. Trust.

I AM, Higher Self. I am you.

Trust. Connected. All-that-is… to all-that-is… to The One. Be The One. Be unity, peace, ease, calm, tendencies, paths, new paths – 2012. New Life.

Seeking and finding
are closer and closer.

Wanting and solution
become close to one.

Enjoy. Accept it. Own it. Allow it… with ease (sigh).

Your state of being is essential in your spiritual realm, as your body is in your physical realm.

Be Love. Be Trust. Be enjoyment. Be ease. Be bliss.

Light body. Your light body is growing, becoming into existence, surrounding your physical body with powerful light, powerful vibration, eagerness to learn, excitement…

…And it is easy, it is natural, it is you, it’s home, it’s family, it’s your essence, it feels good.

Accept it – by opening – to the new – realms… new to you from this perspective.

Merging… blending… melting… with a broader existence. Unlimited. Powerful. Free. Capable of anything and everything, through your heart, in connection to The One, to each one, to everyone.

Your human consciousness… Expanding and growing together… Breathing the same life, under the same Sun, moving towards the light, as a Unity with different perspectives, different occupations and unique specialties, as a whole, all together forming the whole, all perspectives.

Enjoy this unity, this family, this oneness, no separation, ease, bliss.

Honor and appreciate what makes you different, what makes you whole when you are all together.

You want this diversity to be whole, to be able to become a unity, to be able to represent every single aspect of life, with opposites, so it can become one, so it can merge into totality.

Be respectful to your gifts, honor your gifts. Believe and trust in your gifts. We need your gifts. We need You.

All is good, always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self.
Thank you to Esther Hicks, Darryl Anka, Lincoln Gergar, and Sanaya Roman for their great example as channelers.
Thank you to Tina and Catherine for their continuous support.

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