Change The World


“Lovely Being of Light, you can choose to live your life looking through the window.
You can choose to stay behind the curtain.
You can choose living but a shadow of what you are capable of.
It is your free will. It is your decision.

Lovely Being of Light, of Love, listen to the sound of your world, listen to the shadow expressing itself, and decide whether it is what you want to express, for you are much more than that, for you can be whatever you choose to be, so there is learning in every situation, but is there joy?

If you choose to, right now, right here, right this moment, you can live joy. You can create a climate around you and everybody coming into it will express more of this joy, and when they go around their own circle of people they will be a new seed for this joy, when the people around those people go to new places, they will also be a new seed for joy. This is the way in which you can change the world.

If you change that joy source that you can be, for an anger source, you can also influence others that will influence others and will influence others in a negative way. Choose wisely, choose love and light and joy. It just feels good.

Whether you want to be a healer, a student, a teacher, work in construction, whether you want to be a housewife, a wife, a daughter, a son, that is not what you are, but you can choose to be joy or sadness… or joy. That is what you are. You can become magnificent, just by your choices, wise choices.

So listen to the sound of the nature of your heart. Discover what is there. Be curious about it. Make it an exciting journey into your inside, into who you are. Inner exploration to express the truth that you are. No conditions, just freedom, your true self. At a level where you are one. One with Life, One with the Sun, One with others, One with Joy. It is so easy, that it can easily be overlooked.

You can make this the shortcut to your dreams. The shortcut to continuous inspiration, to a world where things work, where community supports your wish, where you can let go of worry, where you can just be. JUST BE.

You can initiate this, you can be this seed for this community around you, spreading into new communities, becoming the world, a world that works together, that supports each other, not based on fear, but based on joy, love, support, light, trust.

It starts with your choice, right now, even if somebody comes representing, expressing anger, it is your choice now, to understand with compassion, to transform, to inspire, to influence this person, to choose who you are, based on your heart, not to choose based on the event. This person will transform and you will transform. You will cut that anger right there, you will choose to be a reflection and source and seed for joy, for light, for love. You are essential. Your choice is essential.

All is good always, lovely Being. All is good, always.”

Victoria Vives Khuong and Higher Self

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