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Kitten Massage Therapy

Peter the Elephant plays a Green Piano with Amazing pianist, Paul Barton

HIKE, Meditation, and Healing Energy Workout!

Hiking and Meditation

Saturday, February 18th, 10:00 AM >> RSVP

We are so fortunate to live in sunny California… Let’s go outdoors and enjoy the nature!

We will go up to a flat area in Colby Trail to practice:

- Breathing Exercises
- REIKI Moving Meditation
- Joint Movilization
- Breathing Healing Light Circle
- Qigong, Tai Chi
- Jeet Kune Do Sensitivity Drills
- Silent Meditation

Suggested donation $5. Everyone is welcome regardless of financial situation.

If you’d like to donate online:

If you have any questions contact me. Also, feel free to contact me if you’d like to attend but the date/time doesn’t work for you.

Kitten Dance :o)

Kuroshio Sea – 2nd Largest Aquarium Tank In The world

Bunny Grooming

Beautiful Landscape and Relaxing Music

Scottish Fold Munchkin

The Curious Cat and The Metronome

Kitties Waiting For Dinner