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Synchronized Healing Chants ~ Ecstatic Dance ~ Stand Up Comedians ~ 5 Rhythms Dance

3rd-International-Chanting-Peace-LaughterCLICK HERE to see the video on Saturday, FEB 14th, at 10AM PACIFIC TIME:

Worldwide Celebration!  FREE ONLINE EVENT!

“PLEASE SHARE: Victoria Vives Khuong and guests, are thrilled to be leading us, in a session of Sound Healing & Laughter - in which we may partake as individuals – or gatherings – focusing our loving intentions for PEACE.”




Synchronized times to raise world’s frequency:

PACIFIC 10am ~ MOUNTAIN 11am ~ CENTRAL 12noon ~ EASTERN 1pm ~ ATLANTIC 2pm ~ UK 6pm ~ EUROPE 7pm ~ MIDDLE EAST 9pm ~ RUSSIA 9pm ~ INDIA 11:30pm

There was an experiment, in which 7,000 people got together to meditate. This resulted in a 72% decrease in crime worldwide. We can make this happen once again, this time with our voices! On top of that, we are adding stand up comedy this time, so that we can maintain a very happy frequency together and bring greater transformation to the world at large. You can join us on your own and also we are encouraging joining us with a group, so that different communities around the globe join in this chant for peace. If you would like to share this event, we will be grateful for it. The more we are, the more transformational it will be!

☮ PLEASE SHARE: How many can we get together for Peace?  THIS IS A FREE ONLINE EVENT.  Let’s make it count!!


Start anytime and go at your own pace! Online CRYSTAL HEALER Certification



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Sound Healing and The Chakras

Sound Healing

Sound Healing


- Saturday, February 11th, 5:00 PM >> RSVP

Something as accessible as your own voice has the potential to heal!

There are simple yet powerful ways to use your voice that can transform your life.

In this get-together you will learn and practice:

- Specific sounds that balance each of your chakras
- Chanting and toning for Energy Healing
- Chanting in Shamanism
- The physics behind Sound Healing
- Ancient Mantras and Mudras for Inner Peace
- Give and receive Sound Healing

Join us for this unique opportunity and experience the transformational power of a Sound Healing circle! If you have a Tibetan bowl, drum, or any other instrument feel free to bring it as well, or you can borrow one here.

- Saturday, February 11th, 5:00 PM >> RSVP

Suggested donation $20. This suggestion helps you identify the value of the event, but everyone is welcome despite financial situation.

If you’d like to donate online:

Exact location will be given to the attendees. For questions contact me at . Also, feel free to contact me if you’d like to attend but the date/time doesn’t work for you.


“I am absolutely grateful and happy that I went to this meetup. Though I had heard of “sound healing” I didn’t know exactly what it was. We opened & closed with a meditation, did a lot of specific sound chants while learning the meanings and corresponding chakras, and gave positive intentions and healings to ourselves and others in the group. I really really loved it and it was SO healing!!! I will continue to practice. I never realized sound healing could be so relaxing and healing.” – Stephanie

“This was an eye opening experience to say the least. The sound healing class was energizing yet balancing. Victoria has a special gift to teach using all the senses and blending knowledge with skills and practical application. A really great class!” – Alicia

HIKE, Meditation, and Healing Energy Workout!

Hiking and Meditation

Saturday, February 18th, 10:00 AM >> RSVP

We are so fortunate to live in sunny California… Let’s go outdoors and enjoy the nature!

We will go up to a flat area in Colby Trail to practice:

- Breathing Exercises
- REIKI Moving Meditation
- Joint Movilization
- Breathing Healing Light Circle
- Qigong, Tai Chi
- Jeet Kune Do Sensitivity Drills
- Silent Meditation

Suggested donation $5. Everyone is welcome regardless of financial situation.

If you’d like to donate online:

If you have any questions contact me. Also, feel free to contact me if you’d like to attend but the date/time doesn’t work for you.

FREE REIKI Self-Healing Attunement


- Wednesday, February 29th, 7:00 PM >> RSVP

REIKI is one of the most powerful ways to bring new light and inner guidance to your life!

  • Improve your health and happiness
  • Practice Guided Meditation
  • Be attuned for REIKI Self-Healing
  • Learn how to perform a REIKI self-treatment
  • Increase your self-esteem and discover what is possible for you!

FREE Event. Everyone is welcome! Donations are kindly appreciated.
Exact location will be given to the attendees.

- Wednesday, February 29th, 7:00 PM >> RSVP

If you are already a REIKI practitioner, your presence is most welcome, as you will receive a re-attunement and contribute by holding the space for everyone around.

REIKI Level I Certification


- Sunday, March 11th, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM >> RSVP
- Sunday, April 15th, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM >> RSVP

Receive REIKI training in Los Angeles: REIKI Level I classes include Attunement, Training and Certification. Learn how to heal yourself and others!

- Perform a REIKI session step by step

- Learn how REIKI began

- Learn the Gassho Meditation

- Connect with your REIKI guides

- Learn the 5 REIKI Ideals

- Receive a 50 page REIKI Manual for FREE ($20 value)

- Receive the REIKI Level I Attunement

- Feel a new frequency of energy

- Receive your REIKI Level I Certification

- Retake this class for free

Our Los Angeles REIKI training offers both demonstration and practice time, so that you feel confident and ready to perform your REIKI sessions for yourself and others.

After the class, you can email me for any questions that may come up. I also host a REIKI practice group so that you can come to continue your growth and develop your healing ability.

Donation of $110 to $150 is requested before the class starts.

My wish is to make REIKI available to everyone. If you are unable to attend due to schedule or financial challenges contact me before the class start date to discuss options and find a way to make it happen.

Donate online to reserve your space:

I look forward to assisting you in this new step towards self-realization! Namaste.

Victoria Vives Khuong
REIKI and Karuna REIKI® Master Teacher


“Because of my desire to learn more about myself and expand both my awareness and potential, I’ve been drawn to look at so many different courses, but they just felt bland and lifeless. Once I found Victoria’s classes, I knew that it was exactly the training I have been looking for. Victoria is a natural teacher and spiritual guide with a special charisma and energy that makes learning easy, engaging, and fun. Most importantly, her genuine, warm and loving personality creates a sense of being amongst family and close friends.

Victoria uses a unique holistic approach in her course that I’ve only seen with the best teachers, drawing on all the senses for a truly multi-modal experience. In this way, she gives texture to the ethereal so that it is easy to experience and understand. As a psychologist and teacher, myself, constantly looking to improve my own abilities, Victoria is an inspiration and ideal role model.

I not only recommend Victoria’s courses, but also believe that the love and inner harmony awakened by her training are essential to anyone interested in living a happy and fulfilling life.”
- Alicia

“During our Reiki class, Victoria answered and resolved all of our questions (which were many), dedicating all the necessary time to us. I greatly enjoyed her professional manners and her adaptability in meeting all of our group needs. I specially enjoyed the possibility of practicing everything we learned under Victoria’s advice and supervision.”
– Martha

“This class was intense and wonderful! I had a little experience with Reiki, and thought I had the basic handle on it, but what Victoria taught me was very thorough, strong, and beautiful! 95% was all new information! Victoria has very gentle loving energy, and upon first meeting her, (me being skeptical of all teachers), she instantly had my respect and it didn’t falter once. She’s very knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone. All in all, the experience was amazing and I encourage anyone reading this to try it out for themselves! 5 stars easily!!”
- Anastasia

“I am very happy to have had Victoria as a teacher for reiki certification. It has been a very enriching experience at a personal and spiritual level”
– Maria

“I had great time and experience in very comfortable environment. I learned a lot and I felt so right attending this class. Thank you, Victoria for organizing this great meetup and class! I will come back to join more upcoming meet up with you!!”
- Nozomi

Online and In Person Classes

-  AKASHIC RECORDS with Catherine Morris
Check it out!

Download Catherine’s Meditations, Video and Audio Lessons


HEART AS HEALER /Preparing for 2012
Part 1 -Mayan Calendar – MP3 download

Recording and booklet from the 1st Heart as Healer class on July 5th 2011. Love transmutes all things. Nothing is stronger than love!

Price: $10.00 $7.95

Foundation Meditation – MP3 download

Welcome to the Foundation Meditation instant download. The Gentle Easy Way to Meditate And An Excellent Beginning Meditation – For All Energy Work

Price: $10.00



Meditación para la Fundación – Baja el MP3

Bienvenido a la Meditación para la Fundación. Una Forma Suave y Sencilla de Meditar Y Una Introducción a la Meditación Excelente – Para Cualquier Trabajo con la Energía. Puedes acceder al MP3 instantáneamente.

Price: $10.00


See all of Catherine Morris’ Downloads

Ammachi, the Hugging Saint from India – FREE EVENT

The Indian “Hugging Saint” Mata Amritanandamayi, popularly known as Ammachi, will be visiting Los Angeles!  I welcome you to join me to attend her FREE event.  Even though it is not in the SGV area, it is very worth it.

Ammachi transmits her unconditional love to people by hugging everyone individually and gently praying for your wellbeing in your ear.  Being in her presence is called “Darshan” and it is very transformational.

After receiving your blessing/darshan from Ammachi, it is good to just sit quietly and absorb the energy of her blessing. There is a great deal of commotion in the room and many people walking around and talking, but if you can find a corner and sit quietly, you may benefit from the stillness within.

There will be a brief meditation and then Ammachi will be giving darshan to everyone personally. Children are also welcome to this event.  To learn more about Darshan:

For more information and to RSVP:

FRIDAY JUNE 10th – 11AM, LAX HILTON HOTEL, 5711 West Century Blvd, LA 90045

DRESS CODE: Women and men are asked to dress “respectfully” which means not wearing anything that could be considered inappropriate, in keeping with Indian protocol when visiting spiritual teachers (such as short skirts, shorts, revealing clothes or even sleeveless tops). Long dresses or pants are fine.

See you there!

Victoria Vives Khuong


Awaken the Higher Self Within– Lincoln Gergar (Channel Higher Self)


Lincoln will be visiting Los Angeles for his first workshop course, to teach people how to awaken the Higher Self Consciousness within!

Sunday May 15th, 2011 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Heaven on Earth center – Los Angeles (West Covina), California
All times are local: Pacific Standard Time (PST)

After more than 3 1/2 years and over 1,000 online videos, Lincoln Gergar have created his first workshop course to teach people how to awaken the Higher Self Consciousness within.  As the internet’s most popular Higher Self spiritual teacher, I am confident in the effectiveness of this course and the results that it will bring you.

In this full day, 7 hour course you will learn how to safely and effectively communicate with and embody more fully your Higher Self Consciousness.  The 1-day course will break-down the entire process of Higher Self channeling and embodiment in a simple to understand and easy to practice way that will greatly accelerate your spiritual growth.  Ultimately every person desires to know who they are and directly experience their eternal Self.  This course will help you to fulfill your desire for true, lasting inner happiness and Divine Love.

Course Break-down

In the morning we will begin by gaining an accurate understanding of what the Higher Self Consciousness is, where it is located, and how to recognize when we are experiencing it.  By first having a solid and proper foundation of knowledge, all of our efforts to gain the Higher Self experience will be more effective and less prone to error.

The morning activities will include:

  • informative lectures to bring you a more accurate and in-depth understanding of the Higher Self Consciousness
  • question and answer periods to ensure that every participant is clear and confident in their understanding every step of the way
  • live Higher Self channelings by myself that allow the Higher Self Consciousness to directly speak to you
  • Higher Self-guided group meditations to align the entire class to harmonious frequencies that will support deeper spiritual experiences and Higher Self connection.

All of these morning exercises will prepare your human energy system (mind, body, emotions) for a deeper Higher Self connection.   The course is designed to work on all levels of your being – to first remove the confusion and doubt and then to empower you with accurate knowledge and transformational energies.  The focus of this workshop is to get you to have a firmly established Higher Self connection.  The morning will set the foundation for deeper insight, meditation, energy work and Higher Self connection.

The afternoon’s activities will focus on personal exercises and group exercises to help each participant establish their own connection to the Higher Self Within.   Individual instructions and personal support will be offered as we all work together reach this Higher Self Consciousness state of being.  Afternoon activities will include:

  • specific instruction for the process to create and maintain your connection to the Higher Self Consciousness
  • guided meditations that will lead you to more easily create this connection within yourself
  • individual exercises that will build your connection to the Higher Self Within
  • group sharing to build confidence and offer support
  • question and answer sessions to clarify what we are experience and what we should experience as we connect more deeply to the Higher Self Within
  • take home exercises to help you continue to build your connection to the Higher Self Within
  • guidance from myself about the experiences and spiritual development that develops as a result of working with the Higher Self Consciousness over a lifetime

The entire Awakening the Higher Self Within workshop has been designed to support you on your spiritual journey of Higher Self discovery.  This course has been created from the ground up by Lincoln and the Higher Self Consciousness to allow you to more effectively reach your goals of spiritual transformation, spiritual awakening and ultimately full spiritual enlightenment.

Los Angeles, CA USA 13 signed up so far. Limit: 13.
Webcam Registration 18 signed up so far. Limit: 18.